Instant Coffee presents the Urban Disco Trailer (UDT). This UDT is a 1972 holiday cruiser retrofitted to perform such various tasks as a temporary disco, an exhibition/performance site, a set for independent films, a platform for street protests, a venue to screen videos, hold slide shows and other such events. Employing a participatory model, Instant Coffee often uses the UDT as the locus point of its activities and in so much uses it to reflect their interest in bringing together a diverse group of artists.

Instant Coffee is a service oriented collective of artists, writers, curators, designers and code writers. Together they have developed a practice that culminates in bringing together large numbers of artists, designers, musicians and other cultural producers under loosely themed events. They offer networking services that promote local, national and international activities and publish a monthly on-line magazine, Instant Coffee Saturday Edition. In conjunction with their events, they also publish bookworks, posters and other multiples (including the Urban Disco Trailer #1). Instant Coffee's most consistent members are Jinhan Ko, Jenifer Papararo, Kate Monro, Jon Sasaki, Cecilia Berkovic and Timothy Comeau. Instant Coffee because it doesn't have to be good to be meaningful.