Sister Valerie of the Internet is anchored in the rich Catholic history of Québec and Canada. The public is invited to confess their sins to Sister Valerie of the Internet through an online confessional, which also serves as an archive and depository of past sins. A series of mediated performances will permit the public to pray with Sister Valerie of the Internet and provide an opportunity to reflect on the role of faith and religion in technology.

Valérie Lamontagne is a Montréal artist, freelance art critic and independent curator. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (1993) and Masters of Fine Arts (2000) from Concordia University in Montréal where she presently teaches in the Digital Imaging and Sound Program. Her media-based artwork and performances have been presented across Canada, the United States and in Europe. She is a co-founder of MobileGaze, a site featuring art and interviews with artists and digital media producers.