A woman crouching beside a radio shelving unit made of granite.

With the project All Apologies the artist will return eleven pieces of granite, stolen from the City Hall Kitchener construction site several years back... These granite pieces are set up as a stereo stand (the function for which it was taken). His audio installation will play a recorded apology for his theft as well as other apologies: 'I am sorry for blue. I am sorry for the last page. I am sorry for clouds. I am sorry for one-way signs. I am sorry for the long route. I am sorry for the tide. I am sorry for the next page', etc. Like a mantra, it will investigate repetition and meaning as a meditation on confession and responsibility.
Edmund Law graduated from OCAD, Toronto in 1998. Recent exhibitions include the Young Artists Biennial in Vrsac, Serbia, the A.W.O.L. Gallery, Art System, A Space, Toronto and OCAD Studio in Florence, Italy. He has won numerous awards - but comes to Kitchener with a guilty conscience.