When it seems that the very infrastructure upon which our high Western standard of living is based is eroding, we strive for peace of mind. We deal daily with the direct and indirect effects of natural disasters, climate change, terrorism, disease, conflict and economic uncertainty. The distance between us and ills of the world is drastically reduced. Global issues have become local.
For Peace of Mind CAFKA presented 22 exciting and innovative projects by 29 artists from Cuba, Serbia, Germany, the UK and from coast to coast in Canada. These contemporary art projects, many of them interactive, were accompanied by a keynote address from the Honorable Sarmite D. Bulte, video screenings of projects by 13 video artists, on-going performances, two panel discussions with highly regarded artists and curators, artist talks and guided tours. The thematic concept and title Peace of Mind crystallized and developed from a desire within our group to act and react to the paralyzing effects of dramatic world events: war, terror, natural disasters. It also encompassed the search within innovative contemporary artistic expression in this general state of uncertainty where the presence of conflict, fear, and questions of security and civil rights issues are endemic.