A fingerprint scanner

The interactive installation ID is the second project of recently graduated students from the University of Waterloo. A fingerprint scanner will scan thumbprints of visitors, projecting them onto a screen and immediately a line of text appears asking a question regarding identity and security. Once a critical mass of fingerprints is screened a program creates its own play with the prints, arranging it in passing images of fragmented visuals: Is it an eye, an ear, a mouth? ...and the screen fades to white starting with another sequence.
Rowena Luk completed her studies at the University of Waterloo with Honours Computer Engineering, Mechatronics Option. Current projects include development of thermal image processing and mapping algorithm for a robot that detects 'hot spots' in a post-forest-fire scenario. 
Jessica Michielsen is a recent graduate of the Fine Arts Program at the University of Waterloo. With Rowena she participated in the tech art exhibition t'art at the University of Waterloo, a traveling exhibition featuring robotics and new media inventions.