Artist crocheting inside large crochet project

The artist is exploring ways of using the textile fabrication process as part of her artwork in order to explore implications of the cumulative passage of time involved in working with this medium. The site specific installation Crochet combines the slow, busy accumulation of crocheted stitches "a pastime seen as a way of returning to a time idealized as simpler, safer and more comprehensible" with the act of blocking out the artist view of current events by slowly constructing a cocoon around a bench in the city council chamber.
Lalie Douglas lives and works in Montreal. Her work, which often centres on textile and needlework techniques for their associations with everyday life as well as their formal qualities, has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan, as well as the U.S.A. and France. Recent projects include residencies at the Centre de Sculpture Est-Nord-Est and at Sagamie, the national research and exhibition center for contemporary digital art in Alma, QC. Her exhibition The Reproductive Years (2002) has traveled to Kelowna, B.C. and she will be showing Distance Longing Memory , work begun during her recent residencies, at Gallery Luz in Montreal.