A young boy coming out of yellow box/room that says shouting chamber

Shouting Chamber consists of a sound proof box placed close to King Street, beside the reflecting pool. With capacity for one person, those who participate can lock themselves in and scream if they feel a need to. The installation also allows the public to listen to screams of other participants. Participants will be recorded and can be listened to in the chamber, where each shout has an anonymous character.
Marianela Orozco Rodriguez completed a Licentiate in Philology from the Universidad Central de Las Villas, Cuba. Her most recent performances and exhibitions took place at the Casa del Joven Creador, Sancti Spiritus, the Provinicial Art Salons over the past four years, the National Salon, Havana, the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, the Museo de Arte de Pinar del Rio (MAPRI), Subasta Habana an online exhibition during the 8th Havana Biennial and X Salon Nacional de Premiados, Centro de Desarollo de las Artes Visuales, Havana.