Postcard of little boy looking at plane on stand


Your Home Deserves Protection is a sculptural work comprised of found objects, surveillance cameras, televisions, and postcards. It has been designed to discuss ways that propaganda attempts to convince individuals they need protection from a perceived enemy. Display stands illuminate postcards which depict aspects of protection such as a soldier, a telephone advertisement, the Avro Arrow aircraft etc. Through the use of reacting surveillance cameras, the sculpture creates an interactive element with the audience.
Robert Waldeck completed a Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo and a B.E. at the University of Western Ontario, London. His work has been exhibited at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, LOOP Gallery (Toronto), and throughout the United States, including the Limner Gallery (New York City), and the Michael Himovitz Gallery (Sacramento, California). Waldeck also works as an instructor for Wilfried Laurier University, the Toronto School of Art, Centennial College, and as a teaching assistant at the Centre for Society, Technology and Values at the University of Waterloo. 
Tabitha Ferguson currently lives and works in Waterloo Ontario. With a Masters degree of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering she works as a Software Technical Team Lead for Research in Motion. Her skills as a garment designer have been displayed in exhibitions throughout the Waterloo Region.