Woman standing in rain room with hands out.

These three recent graduates from the University of Waterloo participate in CAFKA.04 with the interactive project Pause. The installation Pause is a 10' high indoor waterfall which people can enter and exit. Pause combines the naturally soothing effects of falling water with commonplace, industrial materials; it is familiar enough to be accessible yet sensuous and exciting. This piece reacts to visitors by inviting them inside and allowing them a very private, personal experience. Acting as an alternative environment to the one it occupies, this personal waterfall offers peace of mind and a refuge from daily life.
Tristan Doherty completed a BASc in Computer Engineering at University of Waterloo and is enrolling in the Fine Arts Program. Tamiae Squibb and Jason Yeh both recently completed their studies at the same university with a B.A. Hon. in Fine Arts. The three former students made their debut in the exhibition t'art, an exhibition representing a new class of both fine art and engineering students at the University of Waterloo.