VIew looking down at steel anvil holding apart two large glass slabs

Big Mirror is a sculptural work comprised of a steel anvil holding apart two large glass slabs presented in a table like setting. The fragile, dramatic interaction suggests an experience with a clash, war or destruction and refers to a very present Serbian reality. The materials' meeting point in this sculpture is also a breaking point or a balanced maintenance of two energies, wherein possibility of subsistence a relative security is defined.
Zivko Grozdanic graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo in 1983. In 1994 he established the Young Artists Biennial in Vrsac. He is the director of this Biennial and the center for Modern Art Konkordija in Vrsac, where he organized many exhibitions of national and international artists. His work reflects on experiencing the war in Serbia. He started and edited the magazine for modern art Kosava, Art Context. His works have been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, most recently at the Modern Gallery, Pancevo, A Space Toronto, and at La Guardia University, New York, USA.