An image of the woven tapestry Pario - a quirky multicoloured clown with a big smile

As a witchy queerdo growing up in a small town in the 80s/90s, Alisa McRonald sought out alternative influences wherever she could: her aunt’s punk rock records, Fashion Television, the occasional free MuchMusic weekend, and the occult section of the local library. Looking back, she can pinpoint certain moments (and the characters that inhabited them) as being profoundly influential. These became the three woven panels of My Little Arcana. The first panel is The Creep, evoking the cringe-worthy men that lurked around 90s rocks shows, creeping on the artist and her friends. The second panel is The Witch, a culmination of the artist’s fascination with the figure of the witch, depicted historically and in pop culture. The third panel is The Pierrot, reflecting McRonald’s pre-teen interest in mime and theatre while combining The Fool from tarot, (an outsider who is melancholic but content), and vestige of a comedic clown. 

As part of her project for CAFKA.23, McRonald will be leading a free intuitive weaving workshop July 7. 

Alisa McRonald is a devoted maker of things. She has exhibited and performed nationally and internationally including at the Interior Design Show Prototype Exhibition (2023), Craft Ontario (2022), the Drake Hotel in Toronto (2021) and Capacity 3 Gallery in Guelph (2019 and 2017). Her woven and hand-punched weirdos live in the fairytale paradise of a Queer GenX Feminist. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and her work has been featured in publications such as: Harper􏰊s Bazaar Japan, Untitled, and Giant Robot Magazine. She was awarded the 2023 Best Product/Design Award from DesignTO, the 2020 Best of Craft and Design Award from the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, and she is a Creative in Residence for the 2023 Ontario Culture Days. Alisa also acts as a creative mentor and facilitator.


CAFKA would like to extend its gratitude to the Yeti for hosting this installation.

This project is made possible through the support of the Good Foundation, Region of Waterloo Arts Fund and the Keith and Winifred Shantz fund for the arts held by Waterloo Region Community Foundation.