Amy Esplen: Two Halves

Amy Esplen’s sculpture Two Halves calls on the idea of what it means to come together. The sculpture was designed to hold space and to consider how communities can embrace difference while building harmony.

For Esplen, each half represents the relationships that are held amongst members of her community. The sculpture is made of two deliberately imperfect shapes, like relationships themselves: they have ups and downs and ins and outs, and that is what makes them stronger. Recognizing and exposing these moments is how communities become stronger, while reflection and education creates layers of depth and understanding for difference. In this work, these shapes represent Two Halves sharing one space, evoking notions of community, and further enhanced by the viewer pausing for a moment to reflect on which half resonates with them. 

Standing tall at eight feet squared, the plywood surface of this sculpture emphasizes organic forms and colours found in nature. Employing tones of blue and green, there is a deliberate reference to Esplen’s surroundings – the sky, trees, and plants that serve as inspiration in both her art practice and daily life.   

Amy Esplen is a multidisciplinary designer whose work is inspired by obscurity and exploring new perspectives using what is on hand to create. By day, she achieves this through graphic design at the creative agency Him & Her, and by night she dives into public installation and environmental/experiential design. She is inspired by the diversity of the local KW community and the immense support found within it. One of the major goals of Amy’s practice is to create more accessible art for the public, to give back and say thank you to this space and community she now calls home.