A individual standing a top a wooden balance beam in the middle of water. Wearing heals and pantsuit.

Allurements of Mass Media is an installation/performance piece in which a TV set continuously plays a series of commercials for cosmetics, drinks, food, etc. The artist, wearing a business suit and high-heeled shoes balances on a balance beam installed in front of the TV. While walking from end to end, she consumes the products that are advertised in the commercials.

Performance artist anti-cool was born in Kanagawa, Japan and graduated in digital art at Eizo Techno Academy in Tokyo. Her performances include NIPAF 2000 performance art festival (Tokyo), Asiatopia at the International Performance Art Festival (Bangkok, Thailand), EXIT: International Festival for Unusual Live Performance (Helsinki, Finland), Echigostumari Art Triennial 2003 (Nigata, Japan), The 4th International Performance Festival Odense (Denmark), You Are Here Festival (Nottingham, UK), Exhibition Cultural Studies Wien at Museum Quarter21 and Platform Kunst for the program of EU-Japan Year (both in Vienna, Austria), and artist-in-residence programs at the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the Bolwick Arts Residency in Norfolk, UK.