The Tower of Progress is a 16 foot obelisk-shaped metal construction, built with plates and parts retrieved from a variety of machines (sewing machines, typewriters, cash registers, etc.) and recuperated material. This monumental structure is built from materials that all come from another era; to the observer, the material reality of the piece reveals a knowledge - a memory soon to be extinct.

Gagnon's body of work reveals a great curiosity and his investigations have travelled across a variety of materials and practices but this fragmented horizon is united by concerns of density, tenacity, and minutiae. He holds a masterТs degree in visual arts from Université Laval. His solo exhibitions include: La Petite galerie de l'il de Poisson, Galerie Trompe-lТoeil, Galerie des arts visuels, and Galerie Rouje (serigraphs), all in Quebec. As well, he has produced a number of outdoor sculptures including one at lТоlot Fleurie in Saint-Roch, Quebec created during …mergence Т97 Sculpture Symposium and his work is featured in various public and private collections.