Collage of interior room with two chairs an a coffee table.

Here For You creates a series of IP controlled conventional and fanciful domestic objects to comprise a network living space. Exhibition participants will be invited to relax in a living/domestic space constructed in or modified from available exhibition space. Appliances, both practical and artistic, can be controlled by anyone accessing the Internet from anywhere in the world. The project hopes to create an environment where telepresence meets presence, remote control meets lifestyle, distance becomes proximity, surveillance becomes community and network becomes living room.

Will Pappenheimer is a professor of Digital Media at Pace University. He has degrees from the Museum School/Tufts, Boston and Harvard. He has exhibited internationally in video, mixed media, installation and new media in over 50 shows. At Art Basel Miami Beach 2003 his work received a half page photo in the New York Times. Work with New Media theorist Gregory Ulmer forms a chapter of the upcoming book Electronic Monumentality. Recent network webcam installations include Interactive Futures05 in BC, The New New Media on CBC's ZeD TV and File 05 in San Paulo, Brazil.