The sculpture You Can Laugh is 7ft human fetus covered with small shiny tiles and a drain hole installed in its belly. Slightly mutated, the clean and sanitary surface of the fetus tiled skin plays on society's absurd preoccupation with contamination. During the exhibition the artist will periodically and ritualistically polish the surface of the object.

Performance and installation artist Insoon Ha was born in Seoul, Korea, and received both a BFA and MFA at the University of Seoul, as well as another MFA at the State University of New York at Buffalo. She recently had a solo exhibition at the Big-Orbit Gallery in Buffalo; and her work was included in many collective exhibitions including the Ungjeon Gallery, Seonam Gallery, several annual edition of the Seoul Municipal Sculpture Exhibition at the Seokyung Gallery, the National New Sculptors Exhibition, all in Seoul, Korea; Zavits Gallery at the University of Guelph and most recently in Beyond/In Western New York at the Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo