A machine holding up a diorama of a mountain.

Mountain Splitter is a device for fabricating landscapes. A wall-mounted tabletop holds a mountain, under which is a mechanical separator. The mountain slowly falls through the splitting device, separating various elements by weight with a centrifugal separator, causing two new smaller mountains to be born on the floor below.

Doug Buis was born in London Ontario, Canada, lived in Vancouver, and earned an MFA at York University in Toronto, Canada. He has exhibited across Canada, in a number of cities in the US, several times in Holland, in Belgium and Korea. He has also curated several exhibitions. He currently teaches at Long Beach State University in California, where he also heads the Sculpture/Intermedia Program. His work, over the past number of years has focused on the perception of landscape, examined through the mechanical apparatus, stereoscopic photography, portable gardening, video installation and hand crafted virtual reality.